Divisions (Class Types)


This page is for new competitors who are interested in competing in some of our events. Below is a list and short description of the classes that compete at our events. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Open Competition

Open Competition is our fastest class! In this class anything goes! As long as it meets our safety requirements. This class typically consists of open wheel Wells Coyotes boasting American V8’s that create lots of horsepower, with big wings that create literal tons of downforce! This is a fun class to watch!

Paul Dallenbach doing his best to get up the 2018 Temple Canyon hill climb in his specialty 4WD Wells Coyote.

Stock Car

Stock Car is what it sounds like! These cars boast American V8’s that make lots of horsepower with little downforce! These cars are essentially NASCAR’s that race up skinny two lane dirt roads!

Brady Dimmick using all the road at the Continental Divide hill climb.

Competition Truck

Competition Truck is our division of trucks that you could never find on the Ford or Chevy production line. These trucks are highly modified with high horsepower V8’s at the front! These trucks are sitting on tube frame chassis and are very lightweight! Watch out because these vehicles throw lots of rocks!

David Meyer trying to find the traction at the 2018 Rangely Hill Climb in his Chevrolet S-10.

Super Sprint

Super Sprint are also mostly Wells Coyotes that are limited to 6 cylinders and have strict Pound per Cubic Inch weight rules. These cars typically have tube frame aluminum chassis, and typically use Ford SHO engines to power them up the hill! This is a very competitive class!

Erny Shucraft using all of his SHO horsepower to navigate the pearl white dirt at the Continental Divide Hill Climb.


Sportsman are the cars that are old and heavy! These cars are American muscle cars that have modified V8 engines in the front that make around 500 horsepower, however these cars must weigh at least 3000 pounds and have highly restrictive Pound per Cubic Inch rules! This class is a lot of fun to watch!

Dan Riner setting up a hairpin corner at the Continental Divide Hill Climb near Monarch, Colorado.

Super Stock Truck

Super Stock Truck is exactly what it sounds like, super stock trucks. These trucks must originate from a production line vehicle. They are allowed some modification, but nothing like competition truck. This class is a very competitive one!

Steve “Martini” Bennett trying to shave seconds off his time at the Rangely Hill Climb.

Champ Car

Champ Car are the open wheelers of old that used to dominate Pikes Peak. These cars have front engine V8’s, and look very similar to wingless sprint cars that you would see at your local circle track. Be careful because these cars are usually wild and using all the road!

Kenny Brady willing his Ford powered Champ car up the hill at the Lands End Hill Climb just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Rally 4WD

Rally 4WD is exactly what it sounds like. This class is made up of cars that are 4WD such as Subaru’s, Mitsubishi’s, or various other rally cars. Rally 4WD cars are equivalent to Rally 4WD Open that you would see at an American Rally Association event with one key difference. CHCA allows rally cars to race without turbo restrictors and allow these rally cars to make as much power as they can!

James Koch sliding his way around the first corner at the Temple Canyon Hill Climb!

Rally Lite

Rally Lite cars are 4WD or AWD vehicles that are naturally aspirated and have no forms of boost on the vehicle. They are similar in appearance to Rally 4WD cars, but are a little easier to field. Another very competitive class!

Krishna Gandhi attacking the road at the Rangely Hill Climb in 2018!

Rally 2WD

Rally 2WD cars are the exact same as Rally 4WD cars except that they are 2WD instead of 4WD. This class abides by rules similar to Rally America or American Rally Association, and also CHCA let’s the rally cars remove turbo restrictors, so that these rally cars can make as much horsepower as possible!

Ryan McLaughlin the 2018 points champion on his way to set the fastest time of the weekend!


UTV/SXS vehicles are the typical UTV you would see on the trails around Colorado and surrounding States. This class allows anyone with a SXS to show up and have fun in a competitive, but more importantly safe setting! These vehicles are a lot of fun!

Dennis Durmas with his highly modified RZR at the 2018 Lands End Hill Climb!

Quad (ATV)

Quad (ATV) mostly consists of race specific quads that squeeze as much power as they can out of the motor! This class is usually very close, and fun to follow along with as the weekend progresses!

Todd Russell focusing on the apex of a corner at the Lands End Hill Climb!


Motorcycle consists of any motorcycle that meets safety requirements and is under 650 CC. In this class you see a lot of variety, some racers think the best route is a smaller, lighter 450, others think the best route is a big powerful 650!

Travis Newbold on his way to victory on his 650 at the Lands End Hill Climb!


CrossKart is a spec class that requires entrants to participate in a Crosskart built by Crosskarts USA. There are minimal modifications that can be made to the Crosskarts, which makes the racing very competitive!

Toni Ahokas in his custom built Cross Kart monster developed by Crosskarts USA!


Junior cars are the entry level class in CHCA. This class is for drivers who are 14-18 years of age and prepare a car that gets the juniors used to driving a race car and driving a car in general. This class is good for people who are looking to start out!

Rodney O’Maley attacking the road in his purpose built junior car!