The CHCA volunteer safety and timing workers play a crucial role to the club’s function. Without them we would not have a safe environment for our racers to safely navigating these great mountain roads! Volunteers help with ticketing, timing, scoring, security and general operations of the race weekend.  We are always in need of some extra hands so if you are interested in volunteering please contact our safety director Susan Grammer at 303-518-5894 or email at Its a great way to get involved in our races, plus you get in for free!

General safety info:
If you would Like to help with Safety please contact the 2016 Safety director Debbie Queen at 719-393-5966
GREEN FLAG: The course is open for competition.
YELLOW FLAG: Caution flag for drivers, displayed only on practice day.
RED FLAG: The course is closed, all race vehicles stopped.
CHECKERED FLAG: The finish line, run is complete.